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"If you are looking for a good historical fiction book that tells a story that many do not venture into then I suggest this book."
A Holland Reads

"As always with historical fiction books, I enjoy when I learn something that I didn't know before without reading a text book. I don't remember learning about former slaves joining the British to basically fight their owners and such and that they were promised freedom and more if they did so. That was interesting to read about the fighting, the promises and the after the war drama."
Kritters Ramblings

"Although a fast read, the story is by no means a fast paced story or easy to swallow as we are reading about a very tumultuous and oftentimes horrific, time in history. I do feel that this is a super important story about racism, human endurance, suffering and hope."
Ms. NoseinaBook

"This is, at it’s heart the story of two friends. Will all end well for our heroes?"
Broken Teepee

"This is a wonderful and extremely researched book of the lives of two former slaves during the War of Independence in the late 1700s. These real-life characters go through extreme suffering to make their lives and life in their adopted country better."
Girl Who Reads

"THE LONG WAY HOME is just crackerjack good historic fiction. I would like to recommend it for schools for Black History Month and any of the folks who love reading about the Revolutionary War and Slavery and Success-World Changers."
Patricia's Wisdom

"Peters and Steele were heroes, just on the wrong side of history. But then, the right side of colonial independence would have left them in chains... That it [the Black Brigade] does not even have a Wikipedia entry of its own does not mean that these men and what they did are not important, because they were, and they still are"
Reading Reality

"The men's outlook on life was what impressed me the most, the entire story encompasses the struggle for freedom; even when Thomas and Murphy were fighting for the British, they knew that no matter what side won, they might still be slaves in the end, but, they were willing since it meant they were fighting as free men."
100 Pages a Day… Stephanie's Book Reviews

"The author did a great job in developing not just the characters but the era as well. The Long Way Home is an inspiring story, selfless to the extent of fighting for future generations. It's an unknown part of history that I've never seen before making it all the more interesting. This is the author's debut with a sequel in the works, definitely one I look forward to reading."
Just One More Chapter

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Kevin Bannister is Lorraine's husband and the father of five. He is a rancher living in the beautiful foothills of central Alberta. He has been a farmer, businessman, journalist, editor, sportswriter, stockbroker, truck driver, gum puller, janitor, corporate vice president, steelworker and door-to-door salesman.

He would like Thomas Peters and Murphy Steele to be celebrated as the heroes that they were in their lifetimes and to be inspirations to young people everywhere to persevere in the face of bigotry, poverty, government indifference or any other adversity.

He is in great debt, especially to his wife Lorraine who is his greatest critic and a superb editor, to Lorraine Delp his Fireship Press editor and to Mary-Lou and Jacquie at Fireship for publishing the book and guiding him along the way and to his daughter Rebekah who designed and built his web site. He is also thankful for Dr. Daniel Paul who corrected some mistakes and thus improved The Long Way Home.


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